• Increased Economic Activity.
  • Erection and post-commissioning operation of the proposed project will provide impulse to further economic activities in Kottayam and neighbouring districts.
  • Development of industries/establishments
  • Sourcing of basic inputs will give fillip to the prospects of connected industries in the region – TCC, KRL, HOCL etc.
  • Prospects for the development of small scale ancillary industries as part of the supply/distribution network.
  • Enabling a favorable Investment Climate
  • A very significant investment in the industrial sector in Kerala in recent times.
  • Contribution to exchequer.
  • Increased remittance to GoK & GoI by way of excise duty, customs duty, corporate tax, service tax, VAT, water cess etc.
  • Availability of quality paper grades.
  • Kerala being a highly literate state, consumption levels are very high.
  • Currently finer varieties of paper grades are sourced from other states – the project will provide self sufficiency for the state in this regard.
  • Employment Generation - Project will generate considerable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Interact with HNL
Plant and Machinery
Raw materilas
Production capacity

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