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न्यूज लेटर
ग्राहक लॉगइन
व्यापारिक पूछताछ
Prevent Sexual Harassment

                            INTERNAL COMPLAINTS COMMITTEE

As per the Sexual Harassment Act(Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal Act – 2013)

The Internal Complaints Committee at HNL is constituted as given below:-

1. Smt.Jayasree M.C, Sr. Manager(FDP) : Chairperson

2. Shri John Mathew M, DGM( Marketing) : Member

3. Smt. Winifred John, Sr. Manager (HR&ES) : Member

4. Smt. Rani.K.N, Sr. Assistant (Spl.Gr.) : Member

5. Shri Thomas .T.Maliackal, Sr. Technician : Member

6. Smt. Ambika .N.K, Sr. Assistant (Spl.Gr. I) : Member

7. Smt. Mariamma Varghese,

Rtd. Regional Director, WEC, Kochi : External Member

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